Poet Warrior Poems



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Rolling Thunder

The Activists

Shadow of Vietnam

Mr. Smith Went to Washington


The Survivor

Christmas Wish

Veteran's Day

My Country

F.O.I.A. The Parade Top Secret Lost Soldier
Johnny Freedom Dark Man Faded Ribbon Liberty's Child
Danny The Dreamers K.O.P Red, White, & Blue
NO Memorial Day The Wall Pow Hell
MIA Mother IF A P.O.W. My Brother
Don't Tell Me That Last Cry for Freedom Soldier Angels The Room
The POW Angel Lost in Laos Ira Hayes A Mother's Tears
Vanguards of Freedom The Pale Blue Ribbon The Liberty Memorial God's Lost Sheep

The Homecoming Dance

 12 Years to Freedom   (Scott Speicher)   More than a Band of Metal   Ghosts of the Gulag  

(revised Feb. 2005)



I Asked My Heart Faded Ribbon (revised) Two Strangers at the Wall

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