Listed below are links to several websites that have information pertaining to POW/MIAs. Click on the bold text to go to the website. But be sure to return to The Poet Warrior Pages! Just hit your 'BACK' button!

bullet POW Network
bulletThis site contains much about POW/MIAs as well as a database of POW/MIA names. It will also contain those who are known phonies and claim falsely to be POWs.
bullet DPMO or Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office

bulletThe information assembled on the DPMO pages is to assist readers in understanding the U.S. Government effort to achieve the fullest possible accounting of our missing in action -- from all wars. U.S. military and civilian personnel are at work daily in locations across the globe, seeking information from our former enemies. The information here is the result of years of painstaking analysis and intelligence reporting.

bullet Agent Orange Victims, Families, and Friends = In = Touch!!

bulletA very good site to visit for information on Agent Orange, the effects of AO (Agent Orange) with information on a wealth of vet issues


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