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Vanguards of Freedom

(The Green Berets)

Marsha Burks Megehee


"De Oppresso Liber!"

Crossed arrows-green beret

Dick Meadows, "Nick Rowe", "Bull" Simons, Sontay

Warrior's blade- "The Quiet Professionals"-liberty

"The Grey Ghost" "The Swamp Fox", awesome legacy


Vanguards of Freedom- stalking horse of night

Special Forces soldiers- fight oppression's fight

SOG, sacred trust, following God and Creed

"If I'm the last -"Surrender Hell!" a very special breed


These silent heroes answer- wherever freedom calls

For God, John Wayne, Uncle Sam-first in war to fall

Korea, Southeast Asia, Iran, Afghanistan

Stealthy, unseen shadows- this mighty warrior band


Fearless of "The Last Patrol"-set apart-honor bound

God Speed to a dying brother- sad songs of an old blue hound

A brave heart slain in battle-"Hey Blue!" sings of his worth

As lightening from Valhalla-guides a warrior's soul from Earth.



He never surrendered -defiant to the end

U. S. Army Special Forces Capt. "Rocky" Versace

West Point



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