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Top Secret

Marsha Burks Megehee


Hidden in black redacted lines

Is a secret we all know

In fields of rice were rescue signs

From brave Americans down below

Cries for help from jungles deep

From U-Minh Forest's bamboo cage

Those who sowed the lie must reap

Freedom's wrath, truth's blind rage

Petrosky bragged of "tens of tens"

Kept behind against their will

Spoils of war for Ho Chi Minh

Borah, Shelton, Fallon, Hall, Dahill

Pridemore, Preston, Plumadore, Gunn

Entrican, Malone, LaFayette, Hamm

Warriors brave, our abandoned ones

Behind in Laos or North Vietnam

Davidson, Danielson, DeBruin, DeLong

"We can keep you forever"

Cubans, Russians, the Viet Cong

Abandoned by America, never!

Brown, Cressman, Bogard, Lee

Lawrence, Johnson, Greenwood, Dunn

So many names in memories

Still fight a war we never won

A war for truth, we're soldiers all

Truth Washington denies

They fought for us, they gave their all

Don't bury them with lies.



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