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The Survivors

Marsha Burks Megehee


A wife, a brother, a child of The Wall
A sister whose brother heard the call
"Uncle Sam needs the few, the brave"
He's got the whole damn world to save.

He's a brother searching fifty years
The name "Korea" brings fast tears
He's tired of lies, but fights right on
For the brother betrayed at Panmunjon.

He's a grandfather, US Army Corps
"Liberated" by the Russians in forty-four
At eighty he spends his final days
Dreaming of home in a Gulag malaise.

He's an immigrant, a brand new American
With stories from afar of POW men
But no one wants to hear him tell
Of American soldiers consigned to Hell.

He's a president, general, political hack
Who dares not bring POWs back
He knows that "Dead men tell no tales"
As he guards TOP SECRET paper trails!



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