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12 Years to Freedom

January 17, 2003

Marsha Burks Megehee


Twelve years ago my "Hornet" went down

To her grave on Arabia's sands

Twelve years...being dead and alive

No rescue was ever planned


A MiG...a SAM…friendly fire?

I  was food for wolves it was said

No one came to look for me

Missing? Arbitrarily  dead.


My fate sealed by Cheney and Powell

Twelve  hours from a flash in the skies

Spoil of war...for Saddam Hussein

A gift ...boxed in ribbons of lies


Arlington's Honors…red, white and blue

Tri-folded--dark blue with white stars

For my mission west of Baghdad

Scott Speicher...first casualty...Gulf War


"Stormin' Norman's thunder and lightening"

Killed in Action by chain of command

Memories of Forrest High School days

Norfolk-the Saratoga...E and E in the sand


Twelve years of hope for a rescue

Long shadowed in a black plumed haze

A dusty first prison cell

Now in Baghdad...I pass all my days


Two Desert Storms...twelve years apart

Like Lazarus...arising again

"Spike" ,Navy Pilot, a broken heart

Twelve years....will you fight to win?


Leave nothing unfinished...leave no one behind

No deals with the Devil lies

Let the Generals fight...the battle be won

Let Saratoga rain Hell from the skies!


I'll watch in awe through my prison bars

Knowing ,my rescue is near

Scott Spiecher...first casualty...Gulf War

US Navy...POW ...twelve long years


Marsha Burks Megehee


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