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Mr. Smith Went to Washington

Marsha Burks Megehee


Mr. Smith went to Washington
To fight for truth and right
Strong voice for our POWS
Diogenes' bright light

Proud son of old New Hampshire
A Statesman of renown
Staunch heir of our Founding Fathers
In Foggy Bottoms Town

Not afraid to stand alone
When justice called his name
No godling of party lines
Bob remembered why he came

Not for fame and glory
Bold witness for his soul
He bore the wrath of lesser men...
Who bore a lesser goal

No friend of "the Fifth Column"
The quislings of Vietnam
Corporate "sons of Brutus"
Nor "cardsharp Uncle Sams"

Brave advocate...for heroes lost
That Washington denied
Mr. Smith left Washington...
And Lady Justice cried.


Copyright 2002
Marsha Burks Megehee



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