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Shadow of Vietnam of Vietnam

Marsha Burks Megehee

I'm still a Soldier a shadow of the past
I serve you who've forgotten who I am
Laos, lies, and soon the die was cast
I'm part of what they call "The POW Scam"

For if my truth could see the light of day
The name of Judas would be free of shame
As thirty coins of silver pale away
Beside betrayal done in Freedom's name

For you could pay no ransom to a lie
As truth lay hidden so you would not see
To call me dead could never make me die
And lies could never grant me liberty

And so I serve my Country, America's son
With honor like the Soldier that I am
WO1 W. P. Milliner, Army Laos 1971
Sacrificed, forgotten, your shadow of Vietnam


C. Marsha Megehee


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