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Rolling Thunder

Marsha Burks Megehee




A thundering vigil of truth, trust and honor

Of brothers chained, forgotten and denied

Thank God the sounds of Rolling Thunder

Grow louder than the presidents who lied.


Forgotten heroes made to be remembered

By a nation that sacrificed their souls to war.

This roaring fire of freedom- from just an ember

A brother's promise- brought from near and far.


A parade of truth, Memorial Bridge is sighted

Old Glory's promise flying in the wind

Tatooed Angels, CEOs, GI Joes united

Cry "Freedom! We have not forgotten them!"


The run to The Wall where many secrets slumber

Names, roses, gifts and loved ones' tears

On Capitol Hill they're only just a number

Lost names no politician ever hears.


They thunder past the bridge at Arlington

Phantom soldier coffins, row on row,

False tombs holding paper fathers, sons

While secret sins of betrayal rest below.


Past the White House, flag of POW/MIAs

Somber black, head bowed, a prisoner of the past.

Rolling Thunder's promise will never go away

Until their missing brothers -come home at last



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