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Red, White & Blue

Marsha Burks Megehee

A "Star Spangled Banner" was bravely sewn
Though her stripes were "prison brick red"
A purloined handkerchief, some threads of blue-
A Vietnam POW, "Salute her!" he said.

His brothers stood tall, as he held her proud
Their rag-tag Old Glory, in a Prison in Nam
If the enemy found her , there'd be Hell to pay
For the love of his flag he'd be damned

He hid her beneath his ragged wood bed
The most precious stash that he owned
The faded blue, and prison brick red
"Star Spangled Banner" he'd flown

His cell was searched, the enemy railed
O'er this tattered scrap flag he had made
Inside prison walls, Old Glory was hailed
Now his was the price to be paid

They made him bow, and his body bled
And then when the Devils were through-
A wonderous thought, in his battered, bowed head-
"Tomorrow, I'll find more Red, White and Blue!

Marsha Burks Megehee 1999

Dedicated to former POW

   Michael D. Christian
    United States Navy
    Born: October 7, 1940
    DOL: April 24, 1967
    Released: March 4, 1973
    Died September 1983


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