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Red Letter Day

Marsha Burks Megehee
(November 2nd, 2004)
Red , once the color of shame
Scarlet Letter....harlot's name.
Red Tape and Red Blindness
Michael Moore's Red "Behind-ness"
Suddenly....Red's not the same!
Redcoats, Red-handed, Red lights
Red and I were never uptight.
Bolshoi was Red dance
Red ants in my pants
Red shadows of night.
Red has a great deal to explain.
My new love for Red is arcane.
My long disaffection election
When the "Red Fat Lady" sang!
The Hollywood Crowd was irate
At the Red fickle finger of fate.
Turned the air Blue
What the "F" do we do?
Now Larry and Marvin can't mate!
A Blue Blue Tinseltown
Hollyweird wearing a frown
Moguls and Dandies
OD'd on "nose candies"
When Red brought John Kerry down.
So pardon me while I Redden
Thank God....the Gays ain't weddin'!
I love horses Sorrel
With Blues I've no quarrel.
They'll get over Armageddon!
c. 2004
Marsha Burks Megehee

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