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* The POW Angel

Marsha Burks Megehee

I saw a mighty Angel
In early morning light
Just as I awakened
From a vivid dream of night

Dressed in pale green cammo
He wore a Green Beret
This mighty warrior Angel
I saw at break of day

He held a sword so gleaming
I was blinded by its light
He held The Holy Bible
In his hand upon the right

He said "I'm keeper of the truth
A warrior from The Nam
I fought there with my brothers
I'll tell you who I am

You'll find my name at Arlington
In section forty-eight
My heart's in the Forest of Darkness
The hour is getting late

On a road outside Manila
I found my journey's end
Look up ahead at times to come
God's judgement on the wind

His hand on those in bondage
Soft whispered hope is past
Step across that line there
Let freedom's die be cast

Yet know as you step over
This banner you must raise
The standard of bound warriors
The black flag of POW/MIAs


* "In memory of a true American Hero, Colonel "Nick" Rowe Army Special Forces"

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