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The Parade

Marsha Burks Megehee


I dreamed I saw a big parade

The bands came marching by

They played the yellow ribbon song

The POW/MIA flag waved high

Thousands watched through tears of joy

On that day with a gold bright sun

Dad said,"Look! There's Tom's lost boy

Well, I'll be Kingdom Come!

Never seen a dead man parade before

Tom waked him in eighty-six

I saw the face that old Tom wore

When he buried those ashes and sticks

Tom kept his faith until the end

Why would his government lie?

Who would abandon their own men?

On Tom's grave it says "Semper Fi"

Tom's son wore the green beret

That's him just passing through

Boy, there'll be some Hell to pay

What's Washington going to do?"

Almost three-hundred home at last

Old Glory's waving high and proud

Missing heroes from the past

Mighty cheers rose from the crowd

"Johnny Comes Marching Home" played loud

A storm of ribbons blocked the sun

Blue Angels soared ,we all were proud

To welcome home our living sons

Bring "em home now our heroes true

We've abandoned them too long

It's their dream-what will you do?

Let "Johnny Come Marching Home!"



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