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In Heaven there's a Mother 

No longer weak and frail

Sitting with Dear Jesus

Shelling a golden pail.



She's gardening with the Angels

Fishing God's golden seas

Pruning the trees of Paradise

From Earthly cares...she's free!



God only loaned her to us

To guide us for a while

To love and kiss the tears away

Oh how we miss her smile!



Oh what a great reunion!

I'm sure it's Heaven-wide!

Her Mother, Father, Family, Friends

With our her side.



In Heaven there's a Mother

Perhaps we all should smile?

For Jesus loaned her to us...

And we returned...His Child!


In  loving memory of

Mrs. Annie Lee  Gillentine  Megehee

April 4, 1902- May 24, 2003

From her children



Marsha Burks Megehee