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* MIA Mother

Marsha Burks Megehee


An Angel kissed away her tears
God took her by the hand
"You know", He said, "I lost my son
I know you understand

Each tear you cried reached Heaven's Gate
Made bright red Roses bloom
Brought sorrow to the Angels
Their harps played somber tunes

Your heart was weighed in balance
Your love surpassed pure gold
Your courage, a Silver Chalice
Each battle, brave and bold

You fought like a mighty warrior
Each lie just spurred you on
You lived both truth and honor
There's no greater victory won

So come with me and rest awhile
While others carry through."
The MIA Mother smiled,
"God, show them what to do!"


* Respectfully dedicated to Mrs. Catherine Helwig, mother of POW/MIA Gregory John Harris, Mrs. Jane Duke Gaylor, mother of POW/MIA Charles Duke, and all the POW/MIA mothers who have passed away ,still waiting for the truth from the U.S. Government on their MIA sons and daughters.

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