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Lost In Laos

Marsha Burks Megehee
Falling so fast my head was swimming
At night into the jungle far below
Swallowed up by the dark unknown of Laos
My recon team was not afraid to go

Chutes crashing through telling branches
While lying Lyndon said it wasn't so
We carried our country proudly into the void
RT Arizona, Alaska, Colorado, Iowa, Maine, Ohio

Daylight LZs provoked the enemy's welcome
Coordinates courtesy of high placed NVA moles
"Hey Blue" sung - a tune with too many names
Of lost brothers whose blood now ran cold

"Sheep dipped" warriors , refuse of a Secret War
Forever denied by country, friend and foe
"Mad Dog" Shriver, Jim Jones, Danny Entrican
Fifty-seven SOG captives chose death, or bowed low.

Cursing-Praying , in death final escape
Thirty years wondering, who made the wrong call?
Deniable ,Laos - "fighting soldier from the sky"
Just sing "Hey Blue" by my name at The Wall?

C. 2001 MBM


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