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Liberty's Child

Marsha Burks Megehee
Some say there's ghostly marching
At night....when shadows creep.
Abe Lincoln wanders marble halls.
Some say...they've heard him weep.
The spirit of General Washington
Is said to be earth-bound.
Observing the Halls of Congress-
Where truth cannot be found!
Brave Thomas Paine is near insane-
Bereaved by his Nation's course.
Old "Hickory" rides down shadowed lanes-
Mustering a ghostly force!
Pale shadows of Lee and Traveler-
Whom the Union once divorced-
Were seen near the graves of Arlington
Leading John Kennedy's  horse.
In feathers and paint.... Osceola 
Our land's great Seminole
Leads his band of Native Americans
Proud warriors....brave and bold!
From the West march the "Coolie" railroad men
Whose blood spread our Nation west-
Brave "Buffalo Soldiers"...mountain men-
God knows this land was blessed!
"Over There!" "Doughboys" of World War One.
Their "Great War's" victories won-
With Patton's troops- MacArthur's men
For the siege of Washington.
And in a place of honor-
A rag-tag army stands;
Thin and frail....from the prison camps-
Sad eyes.....and outstretched hands.
Still proud to fight for America
Though their souls can't understand
Why their country left them there-
In some god-forsaken land!
A Storm of Spirits....shore to shore.
Those dead......who kept us free!
Mustering up a ghostly force-
Sounding Reveille!!!
They plan to march on Washington.
Who else would have more right?
Tom Jefferson's busy writing
"Neath candles.....of eerie light.
"Your leaders lack integrity,
They've lost the people's trust!
We're whispering ever to Patriots
Though our bodies.....long were dust.
It's n'er too late....we must revive
This Spirit of Our Birth-
For long as this nation shall survive-
True Freedom....stalks the Earth!
It stalks the sleep of tyrants
Who fear to wake each morn
To find through "Freedom's Darkest Night"
Liberty's Child reborn!
Behind the wire called "Devil's rope"
Inside forced-labor camps
We whisper words to kindle hope-
New Fire!  For Freedom's Lamp!
Can you hear us ring old Liberty's Bell?
Ghost drums our troops advance?
You've drawn too deep from "Freedom's Well"
And.....this is your last chance!
And if there's no tomorrow-
Our unseen Army waves
The Flag.....once proud Old Glory
O'er Freedom's Hallowed Grave!!!!!"


Copyright 1984
Marsha Burks Megehee



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