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The Ghost of Ira Hayes

Marsha Burks Megehee


As firemen from the rubble

"Old Glory" proudly raised

A spirit hand reached out to them

The hand...of Ira Hayes


"Old Glory" rising deja' vu

That dark September day

For was 1945

Time would melt away


An island...strewn with bodies

Country and The Corps

The pain...the fear...the dying

He'd seen it all before


Ascending Suribachi

The slaughter...on that hill

Heroes who would perish

Marines...whose hearts were still


Brave men slain in battle

The thousands that they saved

Iwo Jima...Terror's Towers

Long may "Old Glory" wave


The ghost of Ira whispered

"True below

The dust, steel and ashes

Brave Ground Zero".


One day in dark September

From the rubble...firemen raised

The Star Spangled Banner

And the ghost...of Ira Hayes.

C. Marsha Burkes Magehee


In memory of Corporal Ira Hamilton Hayes

United States Marine Corps, WWII

For Col. Tom McKenney, USMC, Vietnam



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