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I Asked My Heart

Marsha Burks Megehee


I asked my heart...what is true?
It's never lied to me.
I asked God to look for you
So He could set you free.
I asked the world to spin around
Reversing time and years.
I asked a mother how she copes
With all the lies she hears?
I asked Congress....if it knew
Secrets I don't know?
Who built the House of Cards?
Who killed Colonel Rowe?
I asked the Angel of the Night
Who fills my dreams with faces,
If he ever counts "lost sheep"
In God forsaken places?
He said a book is open wide
With names on every page
It's only open in your dreams
Of men in a bamboo cage.
I asked the Keeper of the Truth
How truth could hide away,
Beneath the feet of evil men?
What price their souls will pay?
I asked my father...did he know
The Russians never told
Of thousands in the Gulag Camps
Who died of lies and cold?
And did he know Korea's dark
And bloody secrets too?
The Cover-up at Panmunjom...
Dark stain on the Red, White and Blue?
I asked my neighbor if she knew
What Kissinger had done?
The deal he struck...with Le Duc Tho?
Nixon's letter?  The smoking gun.
I asked my preacher if he prays
Or if his congregation
Bears the Cross of missing men
Who fought to save our Nation?
I 've asked myself...a million times
Does anybody care?
About our POWs?
A lifetime....waiting there!




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