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Ghosts of the Gulag (revised)

Marsha Burks Megehee


Ghosts of the Gulag whisper,
Why didn't you come for us
In "The Land of Chains and Ice,"
Vorkuta, Lena River, Khabarovsk?
"Zones of silence" and home,
Rechlag's blood-stained ground.
We ghosts of the Gulag whisper,
Will our spirits be unbound?
No folded tears for us,
Red guards, barbed wire, cold fear.
Night march to an ice-bound river,
"Red Freedom".... Oh so near!
 Our weary hearts ..... in cadence beat,
Americans....single file.
Shots pierced the air with freedom!
Freedom....gulag style.
No bugler's "Taps"....No last Amen!
Dark white stones.
Evil men betrayed our families,
In the Gulag....and at home.
Soldiers bound in chains of lies,
On the cold, north side of Hell;
We dug....with American shovels,
Shots rang....and then we fell.
Naked soldiers....crimson snow,
Our clothes a funeral pyre.
Free at last from our Polar Hell,
False promises....barbed wire.
Forgotten, abandoned, classified men,
We ghosts of the Gulag arise,
With chilling words on gulag winds;
"Without truth....Freedom dies!"
Promise-bound....between worlds,
One of spirit....One alive;
God's warriors of time's holocaust,
Whisper......Some still survive!"
Copyright 2005
Marsha Burks Megehee
(Revised; The Gulag Study 5th edition, Feb. 2005)



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