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The Dreamers

Marsha Burks Megehee


Last night in dreams I saw your face
You were not the man-child sent to war
I did not see the young man of my heart
You asked me, "What were we fighting for?

Was it some great lesson of our age?
A sacrifice to unholy Gods of War?
Upon that altar, Truth, the Fates enraged
Spawned a lie that left us where we are

My spirit also soared to realms unknown
It found the magic place where dreams unfold
As I watched, you dreamed I'm coming home
Your missing young man, now grown old

I looked at you asleep, so peaceful there
Remembering all the years you cried for me
A sleeping beauty, angel with gray hair
Who kept my youth alive in memories

The twinkle in your eyes, time stole away
Each day, each year, a captive of your mind
Not knowing my fate." Did they take his life today?
Why were so many of them left behind?"

In that mystic place where dreams collide
Where walls and time and space can never be
Each night in dreams I'm dreaming by your side
The dream's the same, "One day I will be free!"

Marsha Burks Megehee copyright 1999


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