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Don't Tell Me That !

Marsha Burks Megehee


Don't tell me that, the woman said
I've problems of my own
That jungle's just too far away
By now, they'd all be gone

For if I knew, I'd feel ashamed
I'd have to worry more
Then I'd have to share the blame
For the Prisoners of that War

I'd have a ghost to follow me
A ghost of mortal fear
I'd always think my son could be
The next to disappear

He's serving with a UN force
In a place I can't pronounce
I know he's coming home of course
That's the only thing that counts

I'd like to help you if I could
What can one person do?
I really know that I should
But my program's on at two

At four I must put supper on
Then drop my son a line
I'm sure by now, they all are gone
It's been such a long, long time.

Don't tell me that! I said to her
The truth is you don't care
But who would help you if it were
Your son over there?



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