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Marsha Burks Megehee


I have a "brother" Danny

My adopted MIA

Missing now for 31 years

1971...the 8th of May


A Captain, U.S. Army

On loan to MACV-SOG

In the Ashau Valley, Laos

Whereabouts...known only to God


From a city called Brookhaven

In my home "Magnolia State"

A Special Forces hero

Still no one knows his fate


I think of Danny's family

The burden that they share

The curse of never knowing

Could they still hold Danny there?


He's one of near six-hundred

Who vanished in those hills

The swampy jungle valleys

How many did they kill?


And still how many linger

In that neverland of hope

Rescues...that would never come

Dragging a hang-man's rope


I think of God's own justice

 The rule "what goes around"

The day of full accounting

When hidden things...are found


I have a "brother" Danny

And hope one day I'll see

Breaking News... on CNN

"The Truth…set Danny free!"



Dedicated to Capt. Danny Day Entrican

US Army Special Forces

MACV-SOG…Recon Team Alaska



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