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Col. Warner "Britt" Britton

Marsha Burks Megehee


"Apple 1"  shed metal tears
Lost  POWs cried
Taps for a Nation's hero
The Pearly Gates swung  wide
Up in "the wild blue yonder"
A place he longed to be
The blue is somehow brighter
Each mission- victory
No storms of life to conquer
His wings "level and true"
No missing man formations
"Britt" in  "Air Force blue"
Soaring on wings of Eagles
"Climbing high into the sun"
Welcomed by Son Tay Raiders
"Jolly Greens" and God's Son.
In remembrance of a Nation's Hero
Col. Warner "Britt" Britton
USAF Ret'd/
Air Force Cross
The Sontay Raid
by Marsha Burks Megehee
Friend and POW/MIA Activist
Copyright 2005



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