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The Activists

Marsha Burks Megehee


Kids at the Wall by Joanna


 I stood at THE WALL at midnight
Old Glory waved, not a sound was heard
At the base of the altar of granite
On paper, small hands had drawn a bird

In crayon blue, with third grade care
For all the world to see
From the honest heart of a child
I was ashamed, of me


Through tears I read the message there
"Please, POW, don't you die
When I am big I'll get you home
Love Jason, Please don't cry.

"And a little child shall lead them."
Came rushing through my head
A letter signed "Love Susan"
Held great big hearts in red.


Actual picture at the Wall made by P.W.


Actual picture at the Wall made by P.W.

Tommy drew four stick men
Waving through black bars
Johnny drew a space ship
Escaping a jungle, through gold stars.

April drew a rescue plane
Then wrote "Oh please get free".
Bobby's gift was a finger-smudged
Statue of Liberty

I looked and there were hundreds
Placed close against THE WALL
Letters to our missing ones
In crayoned child-like scrawl

As I turned and walked the pathway
I marveled at the sight
Hundreds of tiny activists
Left hope, at THE WALL that night.


"Kids at Wall" graphic created by Joanna, inspired by request from Marsha and her webmaster.  
Copyrightę 2000, Marsha Burks Megehee, not for public use; all rights reserved.

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